Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skinny Deemed Unnatural and Impossible Without Starvation

Betty Confidential's Judy McGuire has decided that eating healthy is useless and size 6 bodies cannot be accomplished through short daily work outs and healthy eating.
How did she decide this? It's unclear, except that she cites this article that, if read, debunks detox product myths. However, cutting fat, sodium, and processed foods out of your diet is still healthy. (Too bad, huh?) McGuire continues to rant about Gwyneth Paltrow's skeletal figure and her desire to "shed a few pounds" after the holiday.
I'm not about to pretend that all actresses are healthy, but can we stop with the skinny-bashing? I've seen enough. At least once a week when I'm headed to the gym someone says "but you're skinny." Whenever I eat a salad someone says "you need to eat some [fattening food], you're too skinny!" In high school, girls spread rumors that I was taking "body shaping pills" and the anorexia rumors started in when I moved to a new town in middle school.
I hate to burst your bubble McGuire, but some people are thin without even starving.

If Paltrow is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, that's great and if she has a problem there's no reason to hate her for it, she just needs help. And NO I am not and wasn't anorexic, some people just need less exercise, more food, less food, whatever. Not everyone thinner than you is cheating to get there, ladies. It sucks for those with genetic or other disadvantages, but shouldn't everyone be encouraged to eat well and excersize?

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