Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Feminist Life

I went to the movies with 3 of my friends and the one in ROTC decides to buy us all tickets. His treat. We are at the dollar theater, by the way. (Do I go to any other?) But I'm a determined little feminist and I'd lost a bet on these tickets that I fully intended to pay off when ROTC says this, "No, it's fine, really. You're paying for him degrades him as a man."
Oh the things people say. Just to be clear, my friend won his movie ticket in a game of horse. Isn't it super manly to win stuff and compete and junk?
ROTC took my freaking money in the end and will probably think twice before he says being paid for is degrading again.

The movie we saw was Bride Wars, which had a few good jokes and was otherwise a bunch of tired, sexist stereotypes: a wedding is the most important thing in a woman's life, men don't care about weddings because they aren't that important for men (since they don't need women as much as women need them), the list goes on into infinity because this was a long episode of Bridezillas. Seriously. I didn't dream about my stupid wedding, but apparently every other woman on the face of this planet did. Basically, we're insignificant, lonely people who are incomplete until we become brides. Of course, becoming a bride brings out our true colors and we start fighting and go crazy.
Zero Stars for Bride Wars.

Today I leave for Miami. I can't wait. Sun, gators, the weather is finally not snowing here in Utah (until next week), so this is exciting.

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