Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Hit: Why He Didn't Call You Back

Jezebel's got the first chapter of Why He Didn't Call you back and while I can't read it all now, I'm pretty disgusted with the first few pages. We'll see if I ever make it through the book.
The part where I know this isn't my brand of dating advice?
Here's a little multiple choice quiz: what's the goal of a first date?
A) To allow a man to discover the real you, or
B) To get him to want a second date with you?
(The author goes on to sagaciously point out that B is the correct answer.)

How about neither? How about "To decide if YOU are interested in a second date?" Why does everything have to be about him, anyway? The reason he didn't want a second date isn't because you exposed your "true self" which was, obviously, awful and despicable to him so he left you forever and now you're meaningless. He didn't call back because you acted like a lunatic who puts everyone's needs before your own.

More on this later.

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