Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back for the New Year

Hello, anyone who might be out there! I'm back. After a summer in China, all around the US, and back I'm in school again and trying to get caught up again. I've got a lot going on this year so I'm not sure how much I can write, but I will try. I want to be a better writer and a better blogger and I view this blog as my starting block. I'm not sure if or when I might graduate to a Better Blog or even have a better name for my blog or a customized layout or even be able to comment on (for some reason I always get error messages.) BUT I do know that this little baby of a blog is my start.
Lately I've been reading and loving Gloria Steinem's Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions. I admire the ability and courage Steinem writes with. My only complaint and it's a minor one, is that she tends to use "men" where I think patriarchy is more applicable. What I'm growing to realize is that feminism can seem inaccessible to men because they are often grouped together as "the patriarchy" and I think that as a feminist using specific and correct language is important. We have to realize that not all men are part of the patriarchy and that it is a widespread organization that claims many female members. Aside from that, I think this book is already changing my life and how I view feminism. I realize now how far I have to go and how far I've come in my path toward feminism. How complex and challenging some of these ideas are and how much I need to expand my understanding of them. For example, the fact that it isn't worthwhile or feminist to view being "one of the guys" as better or preferable to being a girl, how being a woman in a male-dominated profession is a bitter-sweet victory and how successful women alone are not enough. Feminism asks us not only to be personally successful, strong women, but also to give that strength over to our fellow women and lift one another up. It is not enough to propel ourselves forward, in order to be a feminist you must be willing to share your victories with other women.

Well, I encourage you to read Gloria Steinem's work yourself.

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