Friday, September 4, 2009

Feel Good Moment

I made on my friend's wall on facebook reguarding the beginning of semester:

Yeah. It started last week. I feel so tired. Beginning of the semester is rough. I like being social and getting to know people, but you know that about 80% of the people you get to know now will splinter off by the end of the year to go do their own thing. Plus, I've noticed some particular sucking on the part of guys this year. I've already heard a joke that compares a fat chick to a SCOOTER in that they are both embarassing when your friends find out you ride them (because, if I get fat that would suck.. for my boyfriend.. because I would be more like a scooter than a person at that point.) and a crazy good dancer whose shirt said "Find It. Fuck It. Forget It." UGH! *slams head against wall* (not mine, his.)

And in reply I got this comment from a completely random guy that I don't even know:

Anya, I don't even know the context of this post but you are freakin' hillarious.

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